A Closer Look at the Financial Services Offered by John Thomas Financial


Headquartered in the financial district of New York City, John Thomas Financial has now seemed to be the standard when it comes to financial services. This company has been much committed to pursue the success of each of its clients by providing nothing but utmost performance in all aspects of its business operations. Actually, it was founded out of the principals of service excellence and integrity, along with the dedication to assist clients for all the financial services they need. Over the years of its extensive operations, this company has been able to thrive from one growth phase to another. This is simply because of the fact that it has consistently increased its number of clients that come from different parts of the US.

Among the main financial services offered by John Thomas Financial is the brokerage and investment banking services. The members of the company’s team in charge of these services are tasked to update themselves on the ever changing trends in the industry. The representatives are also oriented and encouraged to consistently provide the best customer care to each of their clients. When it comes to providing private wealth management services, the company sees to it that the clients avail ultimate convenience in asset and risk management, estate planning, insurances, and other financial matters. Corporate clients can also take advantage of the different types of qualified plans and benefit programs such as the executive carve-out programs and multi-life insurance plans. On the other hand, the company guarantees the clients of their market analysis and research services that they will be provided with the necessary knowledge that can help them make important investment decisions. The company also delivers the significant and actionable insights essential to the investment objectives of the clients.

Currently, the brilliant minds of the upper management department of John Thomas Financial are joining their time, expertise, and effort to come up with the most practical plans that will bring the company to its nest growth phase. It has consistently flourished in terms of the quality of customer service as well as the scopes of financial services offered to clients with a wide range of specific financial assistance needs. Its infrastructures and proprietary technology used is also upgraded time after time in order to cope with the increasing demands in the industry. As a major member of several financial services organizations like FINRA, NASDAQ, and SIPC, this company also continues to uphold its passion for excellence in all areas of its business.



The JG Wentworth Track To Financial Freedom


To have the privilege of having the enough immediate cash to compensate for any type of expenses is the goal of one firm that has made tremendous changes in the lives of its pool of clientele. They go by the name JG Wentworth, and for many years they have become unbeaten with their top of the line services related to providing a helping hand to its clients. The firm is widely recognized as one of the leaders in purchasing all forms and types of structured settlements; they can acquire these types of payments from anybody as long as the individual is legitimately the owner of the settlement. Settlements led lights serves as an installment payout for its receiver, and these will come from different sources such as a lottery winning, an inherited annuity, a lawsuit verdict charges and many others. As long as it’s a form of payment paid in a timely basis like monthly, or every two months, or quarterly, it’s a structured settlement. If this rings a bell to you, then you might own one yourself, well if you do then it’s about time you make yourself knowledgeable of its possible benefits.

A structured payment may seem to please many and have a number of people be contented with their incoming money in a routinely manner, however, there are still a large portion of the community that needs fast cash for more important reasons. That’s where JG Wentworth comes in the picture; they provide quick access to money by purchasing the structured payments of their clients, for example: you were involved in a car accident; naturally you will receive a certain insurance claim plus the defendant’s fees for implicating damage to you. These payments however, will not be given to you in one lump sum of cash, that has never happened to anyone and that is not simply how it goes, the court will give the defendant a certain amount to agree to pay you in an agreed payout basis as well. Once that is settled, you will receive a portion of the defendant’s overall fees in a negotiated time until it finishes up to the last penny.

That is a structured payment already; the next structured settlement is the insurance claims. Obviously, if you have insurance you will receive a certain amount of money to be able to cope up with on going bills and expenses; you can also only receive this through a timely manner as well. Now this is where JG Wentworth enters, whenever you will need more money to cover up a critical expense, you can choose to sell one or both of your structured payments to the company and also receive the amount of it in full or in half, or whichever amount you desire.